Are you interested in interning at MOKB Presents and The HI-FI?  We are currently seeking interns for the 2017 Spring and Summer semesters with immediate openings. Our internships offer a diverse range of hands-on experience in talent buying, event marketing, event sponsorship, event production, social media, graphic and web design, and business development.  We currently work with Butler University, IUPUI, Indiana University, and Art Institute of Indianapolis for accredited internship programs.  Additionally, we’ve had some of our best interns who are fresh out of college and looking for some real world experience. Internship programs are structured for hands-on experience and built to deliver tangible industry experience.

We encourage all of our intern to put forth their best efforts as we are looking to hire for long-term employment.  Several key members of our current team all started out as interns and are now running our events, managing our venues, and leading our company operations.  Could this be for you?

Apply for positions at the links below. We will be in contact with you if we are interested in conducting an interview.


Positions Available:

Graphic Design
Marketing & Social Media


Street Team

Interested in getting involved in the local music scene and love going to shows and events for free? Fill out our street team form and sign up to help us get the word out about all the great music and events coming through Indianapolis at The HI-FI and other local venues!