T-Model Ford Announced for Radio Radio

Join us  Thursday June 2 for an evening of authentic Mississippi blues featuring T-Model Ford and Gravel Road. Tickets just went on sale for only $10. You can get all the details here.

Born in 1921, T-Model Ford waited until he was 58 to start playing the guitar and until he was 75 to start recording. “He has been shot, stabbed, and poisoned,” wrote Jim Dickinson in the liner notes to Bad Man. “His ankles wear the ragged scars of chain gang shackles. He learned the hard way.” Ford’s music incorporates his life experience to create a potent brand of juke-joint blues. “In an era when the blues scene is dominated by white musicians who pick note-for-note renditions of blues warhorses…,” noted Jim Mcguinness in Bergen County, New Jersey’s Record, “Ford comes off as the genuine article.” Despite a late start, Ford wasted little time establishing himself as a Mississippi bluesman with deep roots in the Delta.

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